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At&t Installment Agreement Number

By signing this Agreement, you purchase the Device from the Seller/Creditor (and, with all Sellers/Creditors entitled to the obligations under this Agreement after such assignment, “we”, “us” or “our”) on credit. You grant us a security right in the purchase price of the Device and all proceeds from the sale or other sale of the Device to secure the performance of your obligations under this Agreement (collectively, the “Secured Obligations”), the security of which will survive until we are paid in full for the Secured Bonds, including reasonable and actual costs of taking back, processing and disposing of the Equipment in the event of late payment. (including reasonable attorneys` fees). You and we agree that this Agreement constitutes a security arrangement and that your grant of a security right to us is a “purchase price security” of the Device and “Product” within the meaning of the Uniform Commercial Code in the state of your billing address at the time of signing. You agree to pay us the amount financed and all associated fees in the U.S. funds. Instead of paying the full price in advance when you buy a new smartphone, you can opt for a payout plan. A payout plan takes the total price of your new device and spreads it over low monthly payments. In addition, you do not pay financing fees or interest.

Electronic Consent: If you have agreed to receive this Retail Rate Agreement electronically, you will not receive a paper printout. If you wish to receive printouts of future retail instalment payment agreements, you may withdraw your consent by calling 1-800-331-5050 (or another telephone number we will provide from time to time). Good to know: If you remove the AT&T Next Up upgrade feature, you will no longer be eligible to perform an early upgrade. You also can`t add Next Up to your pricing plan, so make sure you really want to remove it. Please note that we cannot refund Any Next Up fees you have already paid. With a well-qualified credit, you can get the latest smartphone for $0 with an eligible service. Taxes on the smartphone are due at the time of sale. Other customers eligible for the credit may be required to make a down payment of 15% to 80% of the sale price, or a fixed amount between $200 and $1,400. We then divide the remaining amount of the smartphone into monthly payments at low monthly payments.

You are responsible for paying your service bill in full. Payments are made as follows: first for outstanding balances, then for outstanding balances due. If the Service is suspended, terminated, or terminated, you will continue to be responsible for all payments scheduled under this Agreement. Your obligations to make payments under this Agreement are not contingent on the provision of services. If you make instalment payments before the due date, there will be no change to the due dates or the amount of the expected payments. Learn how to purchase accessories for a payout plan. 5. Note on marriage agreement: CA – If you are married, you can apply for a separate account. WI – No provision of a marriage contract, a unilateral declaration in accordance with article 766.59 Wis.Stats. or a court order under section 766.70 Wis.Stats. interferes with our rights unless a copy of the agreement, statement or decree is provided to us or we have actual knowledge of their terms before a loan is granted or the account is opened.

Late payment fees. We charge a fee of up to $7 per billing cycle (or less to the extent permitted by applicable law) for late payment of an amount (including tiered fees) on your service bill for the wireless phone number associated with the device. The current wireless phone number will appear on your bill and the number may change by mutual agreement. Become an early upgrade by exchanging your current device for a new one after paying 50% of the cost of the device. After paying half of your 30 monthly payments on the device plus $5 per month for the AT&T Next Upâ„  option, you can upgrade your device sooner. (The AT&T Next Up fee of $5 per month does not apply to the payout balance due on your device.) This Agreement requires that you maintain authorized wireless voice and/or data services (“Service(s)”) on your device. The Services are subject to your Wireless Customer Agreement, your AT&T Commercial or Government Agreement, or any agreement with another wireless carrier authorized by us in our sole discretion (in each case, the “Service Agreement”). Your service contract may require a down payment. Although your Service Agreement is a separate document, unless prohibited by applicable law, the dispute resolution provisions by binding arbitration and arbitration agreement or other dispute resolution provisions of your Service Agreement will be incorporated into this Agreement by reference and will survive the termination of your Service Agreement.

Accordingly, ALL disputes under this Agreement will be resolved by the dispute resolution provisions of your Service Agreement. IN PARTICULAR, UNDER YOUR SERVICE AGREEMENT, UNLESS YOUR SERVICE AGREEMENT DOES NOT CONTAIN AN ARBITRATION CLAUSE, YOU AGREE TO RESOLVE ALL DISPUTES UNDER THIS AGREEMENT ONLY THROUGH BINDING ARBITRATION OR SMALL CLAIMS COURTS AND NOT IN COURTS OF GENERAL JURISDICTION. YOU WAIVE ANY RIGHT TO A JURY TRIAL. ANY ARBITRATION UNDER THIS AGREEMENT SHALL BE CONDUCTED ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS; CLASS ARBITRATION, CLASS ACTIONS AND REPRESENTATIVE ACTIONS ARE NOT PERMITTED. 3. This Agreement is governed by federal and state laws (including HI`s Credit Sales Act) and you have a buyer`s rights under those laws. 10. By signing this Agreement, you grant Seller a security right in the purchase price of the Device, all cash products of the Device and all cashless products of the Device, which will continue until Seller has received full payment of the Covered Obligations. Security. We retain a security right in the subject matter of this Agreement. You grant us a security on the purchase price of the device. CREDIT SALES AGREEMENT / RETAIL REMITTANCE AGREEMENT / RETAIL PAYMENT COMMITMENT / RETAIL INSTALLMENT CONTRACT / CONDITIONAL PURCHASE AGREEMENT / SECURITY AGREEMENT (“THIS AGREEMENT”) – SUBJECT TO GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS You pay 30 monthly payments of the device.

After paying for your smartphone in full, you can upgrade (you don`t have to trade in your old device). Note: If you are a new customer, we may begin sharing your information 30 days after the date we sent this notice. .